Saturday, March 11, 2006

Papa Mussman

A little wickedness and people are hell to each other. A little compassion, a little generosity, and people find paradise in each other.

'I said a little compassion and generosity, but I didn't say love: I'm not such a believer in universal love. Love of everybody for everybody - we should maybe leave that to Jesus. Love is another thing altogether. It is nothing whatever like generosity and nothing whatever like compassion. On the contrary. Love is a curious mixture of opposites, a blend of extreme selfishness and total devotion. A paradox! Besides which, love, everybody is always talking about love, love, but love isn't something you choose, you catch it, like a disease, you get trapped in it, like a disaster. So what is it that we do choose? What do human beings have to choose between every minute of the day? Generosity, or meanness. Every little child knows that, and yet wickedness still doesn't come to an end. How can you explain that? It seems we got it all from the apple that we ate back then: we ate a poisoned apple.'


  • love isn't something you choose, you catch it, like a I see it you´ve always done your best to build a strong immune system.

    By Anonymous a., at 6:33 pm  

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